, which is a division of Spotlight Property Media, LLC, was founded with a true passion and keen interest: to create unique and unexplored marketing platforms for the multi-family management and real estate industries, while giving back to the community.

Most business ideas start because of a problem. Ours was no different in this sense. After many years of working in the world of property management, I realized that a large percentage of property managers were failing miserably when it comes to marketing and branding their apartment communities. It became very clear that most of the on-site managers and leasing staff had very few fresh and effective ideas to attract new customers and retain current residents.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that play a part in the lack of their fruitful marketing and branding efforts. A few of the top reasons are time restraints, lack of marketing experience and budget. Bottom line is that, many property managers didn't have a simple and affordable way to get help creating and executing marketing strategies tailored to fit their property needs. 

We started the Spotlight Property Media brand of companies to create a real alternative.

So, what began as a simple idea, has grown into a robust business model that addresses the need to find innovative ways to attract new residents and retain the current ones , but to also try and make a difference, by helping fight child homelessness in the United States. We are thrilled to donate 1% of every job sold to several well respected, non-profit, child homelessness charities.

From day one, it's been our pledge to always bring true passion to our work, try our best to help our customers succeed, be honest (even when it's hard not to) and give back to the under served and underprivileged. We believe, as a company, that this is the main ingredients for a prosperous company. We look forward to the future!

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